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sonnenBatterie - Cobalt Free Home Battery Storage

German company sonnen are the biggest residential battery storage company in Europe, around 1 out of 5 home batteries installed are by sonnen. Founded in 2010 they proclaim over 50,000 residential battery installations.

Green Wave Electrical are proud to partner with such a well established battery manufacturer, but that's not the only reason why - sonnenBatteries are cobalt free

Cobalt is used to make the battery lighter. It's been used in mobile phones and laptops for years and more recently in car and home batteries. The use of cobalt is quite a contentious issue. Cobalt is recognised as a conflict material due to the fact that 65-80% of the worlds cobalt comes from Democratic Republic of Congo, 20% of this is mined by hand, some of that by children. Amnesty International documented "children and adults mining cobalt in narrow man-made tunnels, at risk of fatal accidents and serious lung disease". This is a sad issue and a lot of the large companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Renault, Vodafone and Huawei need to take action to clean up their supply chain. This is what sets sonnen apart, you don't have to worry about unethical cobalt in your battery.

sonnen offer a range of battery sizes and options, from 5kWh to 15kWh in one unit. The average UK home uses 8-10kWh of electricity a day. So if you have solar PV on your roof and an energy

efficient home you could get a 5-10kWh battery and be self sufficient between April and September, depending on the size of your solar array of course.

Other options are AC or DC coupled which means it can use your existing inverter or an internal hybrid inverter. Other equipment can also be installed, so if there's a power cut the battery can be used as backup power. sonnenBatterie can also be directly integrated with a Loxone smart home so you can manage your energy usage by having appliances with high energy consumption such as a washing machine automated to switch on if your battery is getting full.

Keep an eye out for our Energy Independence Package - Offering Solar PV and Battery storage with the option of an EV charger too.

Please get it touch to speak about sonnenBatterie, any other options or just for a chat.

Tel: 07422966120 Email: or on Instagram or Facebook

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