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Green Wave Electrical

Providing intelligent, efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Building Automation | Solar PV | EV Charging | Energy Storage

Based in Lancaster, Lancashire covering the North of England.


We'll Save You Time, Energy and Money

  • Loxone Building Automation

  • Smart Home Automation

  • Energy Saving Lighting

  • BMS - Building Management Systems

  • Energy Management

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Solar PV

  • Battery Storage

  • EV Charging



Automation Services

Building automation offers intelligent automation and intuitive control of the lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management and more for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications. Read more here.

Energy Saving Solutions

Imagine producing your own electricity to power your home and electric car, become less reliant on the grid, have more security and be kinder to the environment. Ask about our Energy Independence Package.

Our Mission

After spending many years in the electrical industry, I've taken a step back from the wasteful, profit at all cost industry to create a company which is run a little differently. I bring a purpose-driven approach which holds the environment and ethics at the forefront of the business. Sharing my knowledge and expertise with you to help make the best decision for your home or business.


Through Green Wave Electrical, I plan to help reduce climate change to protect the environment and to get energy independence to those who need it most.



Green Wave have carried out work in our Swinton and Bolton branches modernising our lights and helping us change over to LED’s. They have done this by a mixture of retro-fitting old fluorescent tube fixtures, or completely replacing the units. Carl has been really good at sourcing the best fixtures for us, and keeping costs down. He has been very flexible with working times, fitting the work around when the shops were closed. We’ve already seen electricity bills reduce as a result of the work!

We would highly recommend!

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