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How to Save Energy - Smart Heating

Do you find it frustrating and time-consuming trying to work your heating programmer? Being unable to change your heating needs on the go, or room by room?

If you've answered yes to these questions then smart heating will be a great solution for you and your family.

Heating accounts for 85% of domestic energy consumption and about 70% in the commercial sector in the UK. Here we’ll outline how you can save energy using smart technology such as a smart thermostat and take it to another level using home automation.

First, we'll get started with a smart thermostat. Having a smart thermostat installed simplifies the job of scheduling, boosting and programming your heating and hot water, with the use of an app. Say you're out for a beautiful winters day stroll when you get home you'd love to be welcomed by a toasty house and grab a hot bath. Boosting the hot water and setting your desired arrival temperature can be done using the smart heating or home automation app on your smartphone.

There are many smart thermostats on the market such as the Google Nest Learning Thermostat,

which learns your routines and detects your presence and Schneider's Drayton Wiser which offers zonal heating.

Now we'll get into how you can make real savings on your energy and increase the comfort of your home. Have you ever thought how strange it is that your thermostat, which monitors the temperature, is usually in the hallway? the room which is the least used? This method heats all the rooms inaccurately, used or unused, to the "same" temperature.

The answer to this problem is zonal heating. With zonal heating, you can achieve a pleasant 18° in the bedroom for a scientifically proven great night sleep, a comfortable 23° in the bathroom, a cosy 21.5° in the lounge and switch off any rooms which aren't being used. Rooms have different uses and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature.

With Loxone's Home Automation System, our preferred system to install, you can achieve the greatest time and energy efficiency, a presence detector can tell if you've stayed up late on a Saturday night and extend your heating schedule. If a window has been opened the heating can automatically switch off in that room to save energy. If the sun is shining the blinds can open automatically to passively heat the room.

Pictures courtesy of Loxone

If your interested in exploring how you can save energy and money at home or in business, please click here to get in touch, call 07422966120 or check us out on our socials Facebook Instagram

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