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“Rock Down to Electric Avenue”

The UK's first ‘Electric Avenue’ has been created in London. Siemens, Ubitricity and Westminster City Council have come together to install an electric vehicle (EV) Charger on every lamppost

on Sutherland Avenue. Residents can charge their EV’s on any of the 24 converted lampposts. The ‘SimpleSocket’ has been rolled out to 1300 lampposts around London.

How it works - Every lamppost has an electric supply to power the light, so a trained electrician retrofits the lamppost. They'll install a separate isolator switch/fuse to take a supply to the EV charger which is mounted on the lamppost. Metering will then be done through an app using a standard charging cable or intelligent charging cable which provides metered electricity readings.

It’s exciting news for EV enthusiasts and people in general who live in built up areas as local

councils could start installing EV charging on streets all over the country. This is a must if we’re going to improve air quality and move away from fossil fuels to make the switch to fully electric vehicles by 2035.

Other companies are doing the same. Connected Kerb have a range of solutions for on street charging such as the Armadillo which is made out of recycled vehicle tyres, and the Gecko. Click here to make a request for your local council to install one on your street.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own driveway or you’re interested about getting EV charging points installed at your workplace please get in touch - Call 07422966120, email or message on Facebook

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